Estadio de Santiago Bernabeu 
From the outside, the Santiago Bernabeu does not look impressive. It is grey and there is a gigantic staircase beside the stadium. Some of the houses nearby are as high as the stadium and people living there can hear the things that are happening inside.

Things you can do

  • At the entrance, you can get tablets and headphones and the tablets will show you around the stadium and give you a guided tour.
  • Look down from the highest points.
  • Take photos and they will add the player of your choice (you can buy the photos at the exit.)
  • Take a photo while holding the Champions League trophy (you can buy the photos at the exit.)
  • Watch videos of famous moments in the history of Real Madrid and almost all of the trophies they ever won.
  • Go into the changing rooms (they are very luxurious.)
  • Sit where the substitute players sit. You can also go on the parts of the field where the manager is allowed to stand.
  • Sit in the lounge with very comfortable seats. 
  • Go into a bus where the windows are screens and it shows what is happening outside of the bus when they are going to the stadium for a match (the crowds and fans cheering.)
  • Buy all the pictures at the exit.

As a child, I had many different feelings when I was visiting the stadium. I liked that it was very interactive and that I was allowed to touch the champions league trophy. I enjoyed the activities as well. What I did not enjoy was that they wanted us to hurry up when we took a photo. The staff was not very nice to us. I still had a good time though. We also went to the Camp Nou in Barcelona earlier and the staff was much better there. On a scale of one to ten, the Santiago Bernabeu is 6.5 in my opinion.
Author: Boldizsar Koranyi, Daniel Koranyi

Free walking tour

A free walking tour is a tour where tour guides take you to the famous places and tell you about them and the city’s history, they do not take you inside any buildings, they just talk about it. The tour is “free” but in the end, you give a tip depending on how good you think it was. The start of the tour is at Plaza del Callao, the guides have a purple umbrella so you can easily recognize them.

     Places I liked                                       

  • Royal Castle: He talked about the statue which was the first “Jumping horse.”
  • Cathedral: He talked about the three different styles it was built in.
  • Plaza Major: There was a horse statue with an open mouth and that all the birds flew inside and could not come out.
  • Wall of Madrid: There used to be kids called “cats” who climbed up the wall and looked at the enemy`s positioning

My experience

I personally really enjoyed the tour because our guide knew so much about everything and most of it was really interesting. The four places listed above were the ones I enjoyed the most (of course there were much more they were a little boring for a kid.)

In total I think it was really good, I think it deserves a 9/10. I definitely recommend it. 

Author: Boldizsar Koranyi, Daniel Koranyi


What is it:

The Prado is one of the biggest art galleries in Europe and it has artwork from many famous artists. The Prado also has many other paintings. The Prado is also put in different sections like the Italian section or the Spanish section and every section has paintings from painters that are that nationality.

What we did: 

  • Look at all the artwork
  • Read about the artists and their art
  • Buy puzzles of paintings


  • the lines were very long and took a long time to go inside
  • at one point they closed some of the rooms 


As a child, I think the Prado was quite boring because we are not able to understand and appreciate the artwork yet. We just don’t have the knowledge of what it means and what the history is behind the painter. I think the Prado would be a rating of 4/10 *for kids*. We recommend buying your tickets from the internet as this makes getting into the museum faster.

Author: Boldizsar Koranyi, Daniel Koranyi

Italian home restaurant

What it is:

A home restaurant is when at home, some people set up and make a restaurant so that people can go there and eat. It is not like a normal restaurant, instead, they interact with you and the food is especially good because it is just for you.

The home restaurant we went to:

In the home restaurant we went to, there were two girls. The Chef was called Isotta. She had an assistant who was with us until the food was prepared. They were both amazingly nice!

What we did:

First, they told us a little about themselves and we told them about us. Next, we ate the appetizer which was really yummy. After the appetizer, they started preparing the main course. In the meantime, we chatted with Isotta’s assistant. The main course was a type of pasta, most of it was really good but I did not like the tomato in it.


  • no disapprovals!! 🙂 


I think that the home restaurant we went to was really amazing for both kids and adults. It is also child-friendly because there is no alcohol in any food or drink. The people are really nice and friendly. I think that the home restaurant earns an amazing score of 9.5/10 for both kids and adults, it was astounding!

Author: Boldizsar Koranyi

Madrid Zoo

What it is: 

The Madrid Zoo is a zoo and aquarium placed in the Casa de Campo. It Opened in 1770, it is one of the largest zoos in Spain and one of the three zoos in Europe that have the privilege to possess pandas.

What we did: 

We got into the location itself super fast because we bought tickets online.

We also watched dolphin shows that were super interesting and the seals did some really amusing tricks like a triple flip and catching food that was thrown super high in the air. For the restaurants throughout the zoo, you could get coupons to save money for when you buy the food. We also went to a parrot show where there were gorgeously colorful parrots flying around and they also did some astounding tricks in the air.


I think the zoo was simply amazing and I would 100% recommend that you go there because there are really many shows that you can take and will definitely have fun. At the zoo, I had a great time and it was definitely worth it to go there. I would give it a 10/10 rating and I think you should definitely go there.

Author: Daniel Koranyi

Royal Castle

What it is:

In the park, there are statues of kings and queens of Spain. The first-ever statue of a jumping horse made by Pietro Tacca, he was helped by Galileo Galilei, Diego Velazquez, and Juan Martinez Montanez. When you go through the gates you go into a big square surrounded by the walls of the castle, and in that square every first Wednesday of a month there is a big parade. The inside of the castle is beautiful and it has amazingly shiny artifacts and there is a guided tour through tablets which tells you about tons of things related to the castle.


I think the castle is beautiful and it would be a great choice to bring your children there because there is a guided tour and you don’t just get to look around. but the line is very long and I recommend buying tickets in advance. The guided tour in general is very interesting but it might get boring after a while. I would rate the whole tour and everything else a 7.5/10

Breakfast walking tour

What it is:

The breakfast walking tour is a tour in the morning where you go and try 4 different foods and have a fun time. You eat 4 different types of typical breakfast foods in Spain. The order of the cafes we went to was sweet then salty, sweet, salty. All of the cafes were really good. One of them even got the award of “best cafe of the year, Madrid” in 2018.

Our experience:

All the things we ate were very good. The four foods we ate were churros, tortilla, ham and finally elephant ears (not real, just candy). My personal favorite was churros dipped in chocolate sauce.

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